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Radioactive Cake – Lake Anna Camping Trip Recap

On Friday, November 13th, Troop 767 went on a campout to Lake Anna. The main goal of this campout was to help scouts with rank advancements for things such as cooking, woodcarving, etc. When we got there, we set up camp. Once finished, we split up into patrols. Each patrol had about three or four people, and each one planned and made their own meals. Dinner tasted amazing, and after some Dungeons and Dragons, we had all fallen asleep. On Saturday morning, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Later we made breakfast. One particular scout decided to surprise his patrol by accidentally spilling the patrol’s eggs on the ground. Unfortunately for this scout, one of his patrol members was Mike Bradshaw. Once breakfast was cleaned up, we had a knife safety session courtesy of Mike Bradshaw. Once finished, scouts who needed their totin’-chip were given the chance to receive theirs. After Bear’s session we made lunch. After lunch was cleaned up, we took a break while Bradshaw attempted to make a chocolate cake, due to it being Brother Walsh’s birthday. After the break, scouts had a fire-making lesson presented by Bro. Walsh. During this lesson, Bradshaw’s cake was still not cooked well, but it’s camping food. From stories of Stuart the Squirrel to mushy cake, it was a successful camping trip.

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