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Please Read: LDS Encampment Details

Hello Everyone,

As promised here is the final details for the encampment next week. Please read each point of this email to ensure that you have all the needed information.


As I am sure you are all aware, we have been working hard to fundraise for this event. As we discussed with the scouts and parents months ago when we first learned of the price, we as a troop will cover all but $100 for each scout. That means that each scout still needs to pay his own way to get to camp. If you have not already done so, please ensure that this $100 is paid by this coming Sunday (unless you have previously made arrangements with myself or the bishopric) but submitting the amount using a tithing slip and putting the amount under other with the memo “scout camp – scout’s name”.

Medical Forms

As you should all be aware, because this is a trip lasting longer than 72 hours, each scout and adult will require all 3 parts of the BSA medical form. Part’s A and B can be completed at home and part C must be completed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner. If you have recently had a medical done, most clinics and offices will be more than happy to transfer the information to the needed form.

You can find the all parts of the BSA medical form by clicking the following link:

Gear / Packing List

The camp itself will be providing food and shelters/tents just like any other scout camp. Because of this, the packing needs are of a personal level. Please see the recommended packing list by clicking the following link.

Please ensure that all gear is packed in a single bag if possible. If that is not possible, please make sure that all personal items are attached to each other so that they do not get separated during travel. It is also highly recommended that you mark all of your personal gear with your name and troop number to help identify it should it become lost

Merit Badges

If you signed up for the advancement track and have not yet picked your merit badges, please log back into the registration site and pick them now. Again, this is only for those that self registered on the advancement track. If you don’t see any merit badges you want to take, please let us know and we can move you do the adventure track.

Travel / When and Where

The Stake is providing transportation for everyone participating. We have chartered busses to take us from the Stake Center on Pump Road to camp.

The bus to encampment will leave at 6:00am on Monday, June 19th which means you would need to be at the Stake Center (2500 Pump Road in Richmond) by 5:30am at the latest to load your gear in the buses. Those buses will pick us up at Encampment on Saturday at 10am which should put us back at the Stake Center by 2-2:30pm.


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