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Fundraising History

More info coming soon. If your name is not on the list, we apologize. We did not keep records of the people that helped until recently.

Date Amount Location People
Feb 2017
Valintines Dinner
$2,600.00 Church John, Gain, Joe, Gavin, Dallin, Beckette, Charlie, Neil, Laz, Andrew, Miles, Alex, Mark, Jonas, Sam, Josh, Harrison
Fall 2016 TBA RIR John, Gain, Mike B, Chris, Neil, Charlie, Beckette, Dallin, Gavin, Kiley, and Amanda
Fall 2015 $1,500.00 RIR John, Gain, Mike B., Mike H., Chris, Mark, Sarah, Neil, Charlie, Samuel, Santiago and Stephen.
Spring 2015 $1,200.00 RIR John, Gain, Mike B, Joe, Colin, Chris, Buddy, Mark, Pam, Lisa, Josiah, Sarah, and Neil
Fall 2014 Unknown RIR
Spring 2014 None
Fall 2013 Unknown RIR
Spring 2013 Unknown RIR
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