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Let’s make a Date! 2016 Troop Camping Dates

Just like we did last year, we have a lot of dates for you to ingest. While you could print all of them off and eat them, we would prefer you add them to your calendar instead. Here are all the tentative dates for troop camping trips and other note worthy get togethers for the this new year.

Please understand that we have done the best we can to work around basketball, stake and other church events while putting these dates together (other than basketball, we are in the clear as of this post). Please also understand that things will change. As we are made aware of changes on the stake and church level, we will update our troop calendar (something you should subscribe too) and the ward calendar.

Also be aware that this list does not include eleven year old (EYO) events. Most of our EYO events are planned by the stake separately and do not include the older troop members. While we will have several events that we invite both EYO and cubs to, stake events should be the main priority for our EYO scouts. We will always try to keep our eleven year old calendar up to date, however things are always in motion and may change.

You will also notice that some events mention Order of the Arrow. For those of you not aware, the Order of the Arrow is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America. For those that are members of the Order of the Arrow (or candidates in some situations) these dates should be added to your personal calendar and attended if possible. For those that are not members, or who are unaware of what the Order of the Arrow is, please feel free to reach out to any scout leader in the troop.

While the dates are on the calendar, the actual theme or camping trips have yet to be planned by our youth leaders. As adult leaders, we wanted to get the dates on the calendar so that we can at least plan for them. Our youth leaders will be working quickly to plan out the type of trips we will be taking. We are a youth led troop, meaning that 90% of the trips taken are either planned by, or inspired by the youth leadership in the troop and their ideas. Because of this, don’t expect great detail about trips until 2 or 3 weeks before the actual event (unless it’s a high adventure trip or extended camping trip).

Also be aware that every month we hold a committee meeting. If you, as a parent, have a (non-immediate) concern or you would like to voice your input, or just would like to help the troop grow, PLEASE make it a point to attend these meetings. For the most part, they are held on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of each month (check the Calendar please) after troop meetings (committee meeting starts around 8:15pm). Committee meetings is where all of the scout leaders, parents and committee members get together to talk about development and the future of the troop.

Without further adieu, here are the dates for 2016. Happy New year all!

  • January 22nd & 23rd – Camping Trip
  • February 13th – Merit Badge University (not a camping trip but worth knowing about)
  • February 26th & 27th – Camping Trip
  • March 11th & 12th – Order of the Arrow Spring Service Weekend
  • March 28th to April 2nd – Spring Camp
  • April 8th & 9th – Merit Badge Weekend
  • April 29th & 30th – Order of the Arrow Conclave
  • May 20th & 21st – Father & Son Camping Trip
  • June 3rd & 4th – Order of the Arrow Summer Service Weekend
  • June 17th & 18th – Camping Trip
  • July 25th to 30th – Camping Trip
  • August 11th to 13th – Camping Trip
  • September 9th & 10th – Order of the Arrow Fall Service Weekend
  • September 23rd & 24th – Camping Trip
  • October 14th & 15th – Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship
  • October 28th & 29th – Halloween Camping Trip
  • November 11th & 12th – Camping Trip
  • December 26th to 31st – Winter Camping Trip

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