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In the Woods Near a River that Once had a Swing

2015-02-06 21.17.18

Charlie’s Tooth Mark in Jacobs Shoulder

Once upon a time (specifically February 6th & 7th, 2015) in Caroline Pines there was a scout troop. The first day we played capture the flag. In that game Charlie tackled Jacob and knocked him over (some how leaving a tooth mark in Jacob’s shoulder). For dinner, John prepared a fantastic foil meal of smoked chicken, pan roasted potatoes, onions, and green beans. We slept pretty good that night and woke up to a wonderful breakfast scramble made by our teamwork and John.

After eating we visited a tree at a nice river that used to have a rope swing, however it was removed in years past. The river was nice and relatively IMG_7847clear. After the visit to the river we went back to camp where we relaxed, played some games, and talked while Neil cooked our fantastic lunch. The lunch was a stir fry with steak and was very tasty and the sauce was amazing. The camp out was fun and a success, everyone had fun. The camp out was a little cold at night and in the morning but warm in the after noon. We then packed up trying to make it look like we were never there like the outdoor code says, “leave no trace.”


The scouts had a good time there. We got some experience and chances to test and try things that we have learned during our scouting adventure.

One thought on “In the Woods Near a River that Once had a Swing

  1. Oh this history of this location. This is the same spot that Joe earned his Einstein Award and I made a swan dive into the river in the middle of winter (when the swing was still on the tree). It had been a number of years since we had to opportunity to go back to this spot.

    Being there again reminds me of how different, but also similar things are to the way they were when I was in scouting. It’s a new generation that seams to learn in a whole different way then when I was their age.

    Scouting, in my mind is all about the memories and life long lessons you learn. Taking these lessons and learning from them, making yourself stronger and a better person.

    I look forward to heading back there in the middle of winter just to see if another Einstein Award can be given out.

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