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Fishing in a Lake with no Fish

Campouts are one of the funniest things to do as scout. Part of a camp that is always present is the memories that are made. From the nicknames we so grudgingly bear, to the memories of the awards given, we remember the campouts we go on.

On March 21 2015 we had a campout for the ages that we will share with some of our younger scouts. The campout started out as always with Beckette and I doing our best to sound as annoying as possible. In this case we had chosen old man voices and could only speak as olden Wizards would. Much to the dismay of the other campers this continued for another hour before we were told to stop. The tents were the next issues as it had started getting dark. Thankfully most of us could set up tents in the dark and the ones who couldn’t received help.

The night wore on as dinner and fire became priority numero uno. I was stationed at cooking dinner, Bacon wrapped chicken and I felt the heat as it was just going to be me. The preparation became harder as the cold numbed my fingers, and the constant washing of hands meant the cold water would only hinder it further. Finally dinner was made and stories exchanged around the campfire. Sleep began to drift into the scouts mind as several of the scout began to make their way to the tents. There was one group of scouts who stood up later than the rest and played a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons.

The next morning the scouts awoke to the smell of sausage, eggs, potatoes, onions, and peppers wafting from the stove. A few of our scouts missed their chance to be woken up lightly and as such had to be reminded what it felt like to have a horn blasted into their ears. After breakfast the scouts became eager to catch a fish.

On the lake we saw that the fish would elude us all day but that didn’t stop our scouts from having many of adventures, including tossing a Frisbee into the water and holding casting competitions to see who could cast farther.

Afternoon rolled around and the sun reared its golden face our direction in full force as the shining rays burned many of our faces. Around ten a group of scouts who had not slept the night with us had joined the fun and at 12 to 1 we went back to eat lunch.

Much to my dismay lunch proved to be the hardest challenge of cooking I had faced yet on the campout. Sudden flare-ups, burning burgers, oil drops burning my skin and a wind that kept blowing out the fire led to the hardest fought burgers I had every made in my life. Lunch was enjoyed and more fishing was done to round up the day.

As I conclude this adventure I fall asleep and dream of home.

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