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February 2016 Camping Trip Recap

The camping trip for this February was an unusual camp out because we were camping so close to the church on the Holle property.

The evening started out with the unloading of the food and the unpacking of our gear.  Andrew, the meal planer for this trip, bought the food. After we set up the tents we went into the gym and played some basketball and volleyball. For dinner we had Neil cook up some hamburgers and we were unexpectedly joined by the bishop; Shane Roland. After dinner we played some more basketball.

Later that night we played Manhunt. It was really fun because the “Hunters” got to use John’s walkie-talkies. Gavin and Bekkette were the best “Hiders”, although Neil and I (John A.) found a pretty good hiding spot in the woods behind the Eagle’s Nest.  After three or four rounds of Manhunt we returned to the church and played a few rounds of Werewolf then we retired for the night.

In the morning we had breakfast of eggs, pancakes, bacon, and biscuits in the gym. Breakfast was cooked by Bekkette and Gavin. During breakfast Brother Bradshaw showed us a cardboard box and told us his wife had sent it with him for us. We didn’t find out what was in it until later.  After some basketball it was time to do some road clean up. We were separated into teams of two. Each team got a walkie-talkie to keep up with the other teams.  We found some pretty interesting things:

  • 5 “P-bombs”
  • 2 deer skulls and a deer leg bone
  • a bag of old groceries
  • a message in a bottle that said:

   “Please put pull-ups in driver’s side of the van , thank you.”

The clean-up took about two to three hours and I think we all had a great time. When we got back to the church Brother Bradshaw opened the box and revealed it was full of candy. After that we took down our tents and we had a lunch of sandwiches and OJ. We all left around 1p.m. Overall, it was a good but unusual camping trip.

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