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Cheesy Jokes on the River

This weekend we had a three day campout planned. We started with a nice long road trip to Tennessee and stayed the night in a bunkhouse playing games and having fun. We woke up early the next day and headed out to go white water rafting. We had a few bumps along the road including our scoutmaster getting lost, but all the scouts had a great time on the water especially riding the class three Rapids, and hearing cheesy jokes from our river guides. The road trips were fun learning new things about each other, hearing jokes, and watching scouts cringe at the sound of country music, but they were great and memorable events. This was the first trip with this troop for two of our scouts and they had a great time though they came out with a few bumps and scratches. After the rafting trip we headed out to our final campsite which was in the middle of nowhere and to even get to our camp we had to wade through a river or climb a hill and go over a bridge.

Though we ran into some bumps and issues, had some scouts injured, had to come home early, and had ridiculously long car rides this campout brought us closer together and will always be unforgettable.

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