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ArrowTour Registration and Information

I hope this post finds you all well! I wanted to take a quick moment and remind everyone that the Order of the Arrow’s centennial anniversary celebration, the ArrowTour, will be making a stop at our local camp, T. Brady Saunders next Tuesday (the 30th).

Anyone interested, member or non-members, scouts, cubs and parents alike, are welcome and encouraged to attend to learn more about the history of the Order of the Arrow and what it is all about.

It is expected to be a fun event. Make sure you bring a shirt for silk screening and leather or wood for branding. Please register (for free) by clicking here.

Also, as a fun note for members, participation in ArrowTour satisfies one of the requirements for the Centuries of Service Award (a once in a lifetime award that may be worn on your sash to show Arrowmen that you were a part of the OA Centennial for years to come).

Youth (under 21):
Adults (21 and older):


Here is a bit more about the ArrowTour

ArrowTour is one of many programs and initiatives that comprise a year-long celebration of the Order of the Arrow’s centennial anniversary. In the summer of 2015, four delegations of youth Arrowmen will travel to council camps and Scouting events to bring our national centennial experience to Scouts, Arrowmen, and communities throughout the country.

ArrowTour will provide opportunities to reflect, connect, and discover the Order’s Centuries of Service, both past and future. The Order of the Arrow is excited to partner with councils to provide this program accessory at Boy Scout summer camps, service centers, and Scouting events.


ArrowTour will be delivered by four teams of Arrowmen. Each team will travel throughout one of the Boy Scouts of America’s four regions, making stops at council camps and Scouting events along the way. Each team’s route will be strategically planned to reach as many Scouts and communities as possible. Each stop along the tours will be open for several hours with program being offered.

At the end of the summer, the four teams will meet to conclude ArrowTour at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference. The ArrowTour programs will be on display for all conference guests.

For more information about the Order of the Arrow, please feel free to visit the following links…

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