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A Warped Wheel


“If you loosen five or six adjoining spokes on a bicycle wheel, it will warp out of shape so that it no longer makes a true circle. Pretty soon you’re going to have a bumpy ride.

Your character is something like a bike wheel.
The spokes are a series of rules that in Scouting we call the Scout Law. The points of our Scout Law are guides to help you stay straight and true.
If you get loose and sloppy on any point of the Law, the result will be the same as loosening the spokes on a bike wheel. Your personality will be warped and out of shape.

One way to stay true to yourself is to keep your observance of the Scout Law always foremost in your mind. When doubts creep in and you might consider violating one of the points of the Law, think about the warped, out-of-shape bike wheel and resolve to live up to the ideals of Scouting.”

Source: Woods of Wisdom

The law and oath is one of the many reasons the Scouting program is great. By living the law and oath, you make yourself a better person. You become someone who people can look up to, respect, and trust. You become a leader!

Remember that as scouts and priesthood holders, you should not only live the scout law and oath at scouting events, it should be part of your everyday life. Anything otherwise, and you are living a lie and you can’t, in good conscious, call yourself a scout.

I challenge you to recite the law every day in your mind. Think about what each point means, and do your best to make it truly apart of your life.

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